TITLE: “Laughing Buddha Of The Rains”

Artist Note: “Can we retain our equanimity when adversity appears? This jolly figure standing in the rain points the way.”


TITLE: “Laughing Buddha of the Rains”

ORIGINAL: 9×12 watermedia

NOTE:  The popular, jolly “Laughing Buddha” name Hotei is based on an eccentric Chinese Zen monk who lived over 1,000 years ago.  Known for a benevolent nature expressed through wisdom & generosity, he carries a sack from which he gives away that which promotes joy and happiness.  He was known for giving playing games with children, even if it made him late to temple services!    Depicted in Chinese murals as representing the most evolved stage of enlightenment, he easily shares the ‘secrets’ of self-liberation with humor and simplicity, as a people-friendly enlightened master.

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