I am a “plein air” painter…which means that I often pack my supplies and head outdoors. I’ve been known to do this while hiking, bicycling – even kayaking! Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest is one of my greatest inspirations.

The expression “en plein air,” is French for “in the open air.” This practice goes back many centuries but truly became a recognized art form because of the French Impressionists. Their desire to paint the qualities of light and its ever-changing impressions on both natural and man-made landscapes created a whole new genre we now call “Impressionism. Many of my outdoor paintings reflect this style.

In this Landscape Gallery you will find my outdoor creations: Sometimes far afield & sometimes in my own backyard. Indeed, my garden and the surrounding historic neighborhood where I live is among my favorite subjects.

NOTES ON MOVING VISUALS: please use small “teaser” photos that offer a detail, in order to draw in the viewer….like this one:

Artist Comment: “As a Urban Planning professional who worked in 4 States over a 30 year career, I have a special affinity for cityscapes, as well as open spaces that define them.”